What Different Types of Paint Exist?

Picking the right paint for a job can be really confusing. While some people focus more on the colour they want and don’t worry about the kind of paint, it’s important to make sure that they kind you buy is the right one for the job. There are interior and exterior paints, as well as primers to consider when starting a paint job.

Paint comes in so many colours, styles, and types that it can be just a little bit confusing at the best of times. There are paints for the interior, paints for the exterior, paints for wood, metal, and glass. Paints in cans, paints in tins, gloss, vinyl, matt, special effect, and metallics.

So what are some of the most commonly used types of paint that can be found in the local DIY store? And how are they best used? Read on to discover all you need to know about paint.



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