Find out where to stay while working Locum Tenens. This infographic by explains where you can stay while working Locum Tenens and presents a simple Locum accommodation comparison.

First, you should consider hotels, Airbnb or corporate apartment. Speaking of Airbnb, this includes some Airbnb alternatives as well. Comparing the options you should take into consideration reliability, living space sq ft, free breakfast, expense and ease of booking and canceling.

Of course, hotels offer free breakfast compared to Airbnb and corporate apartments. On the other hand, Airbnb and alternatives allure the guests with more living space.

When it comes to expense, the most expensive option (the cost to space ratio) is, not surprisingly, the hotel accommodation. According to the infographic, while working Locum Tenens the cheapest accommodation choice is Airbnb and other relevant online accommodation platforms. However, the infographic rates Airbnb as the least reliable compared to hotels and corporate apartments.

The infographic also explores the booking process and user experience while booking and canceling. Airbnb seems the most complex alternative in comparison to hotels and corporate apartments.

To sum up, read this great infographic and visual Locum accommodation comparison to understand the differences between the three most common alternatives.



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