For sure Instagram is one of the most popular apps these days. What is more, Facebook acquired the photo mobile app for an amazing amount of money and made its creators filthy rich. Therefore, many app developers nowadays struggle to develop an app as successful as Instagram so they could make bank. This infographic explores how much cost to develop an app like Instagram.

The first step is to define a set of options such as registration, settings, push notifications and media files upload. Besides, customizing photos and geolocation integration are crucial for the success of the new app.

Next, consider extra costs in the terms of design, team, and dedicated servers. Consider spending a little more on Android development as the number of Android devices exceeds the number of iOS ones.

Finally, calculate the final price which could be around $70,000. Success does not come overnight as well as apps are not getting popular overnight. It takes time and a lot of efforts users to recognize a new app as trending.



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