Le Tour de France 2015 is in the history now, and it is very interesting to learn more about the logistics of this significant sporting event. This infographic shows amazing facts and information related to the distances, team statistics, tour statistics, general numbers, broadcast & media and winners by nationality. For example, the average speed of a rider in 2014 was 40.69 km/hr and the average tour was 3664 km.

When comes to team statistics, each team includes 9 riders, 4 coaches, 5 carers, 4 mechanics and other. According to the infographic, the winner gets $610,000 with a total prize of $4.3 million. Moreover, the infographic states that Le Tour de France is the 3rd largest TV sporting event in the world. Besides, more than 450 journalists and 121 TV stations covering the event with 560 accredited media organisations.



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