If you look for adventures you have arrived at the right spot. There are so many outdoor activities just waiting to pump up your adrenalin. All you need is to give them a try. No, these are not the usual suspects – rafting, climbing, mountaineering, etc. Let’s have a look at some not (yet) so popular ways to pump um your adrenaline.
Let’s start with coasteering. As the name suggests it involves all activities that can be done around a coast such as swimming, diving, jumping, climbing, scrambling, traversing,canyoning, etc. All you need is to find a coast and start your adventure. You can basically do whatever you fancy and use the nature of the coast line to aid you. There is only one limitation of coasteering – you cannot practice it everywhere because you need a coast.

If you are up for some exercise, you should definitely go for mud-running. Imagine a field covered with mud and water and full of obstacles like broken glass, nets and anything that you could think of. And now comes the fun part because you need to cross it ahead of your opponents. You can expect a lot of different terrains so your muscles will not stay unchallenged.
The next thing on our list is quad biking. Quad bikes were invented back at the end of the 19th century and have been used by farmers to gather sheep and cattle. They can be used on all terrains and are especially useful for country roads, rocky, bumpy and dusty terrains. In fact, it was used by the military in many countries so its racing potential is not a surprise. Your driving skills, your patience and endurance will be tested to the limit with quad bikes and you can choose between different models with different power. Off-roading is a more expensive sport where you use your 4×4 vehicle to compete on a rough terrain. It is a lot of fun, takes a lot of skill and is not very cheap.
Geocaching takes the old game of hide and seek to a new level. You need to find a container hidden by another player using your GPS. It can be anywhere in the world and you can look for as many “treasures” as you want – you just need to register at https://www.geocaching.com and get started.
Tree-walking is an activity that can be practiced anywhere and is popular even in the cities. All you need is trees connected with each other bydifferent ropes, bars, etc. on which is not easy to walk. Your goal is to complete the route as quickly as you can.

Scrambling is something between hiking and climbing as you need to get down from rocky tops without using any equipment but your hands. Fun but dangerous, it is a truly exhausting activity.
Segway racing can be done on many terrains using Segway, including Segway polo, safari, etc. In fact, the harder the terrain, the bigger the fun is.
Our advice – try all of them!


Via: http://subaru.co.uk/adventures/

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