Peanut butter is one of the most loved foods on this planet. However, they are not concerned enough about their health. Powdered peanut butter cuts out all of the fats and oils is actually a much healthier option. Read this infographic showcasing the main nutritional facts regarding Peanut Butter vs Powdered Peanut Butter.

While powdered peanut butter is not a source of saturated fat, the peanut butter consists 3 grams in serving size of 2 tbsp. The ingredients of powdered peanut butter are dry roasted peanuts, a dash of coconut palm sugar and kosher salt for flavor.

On the other side, peanut butter is made of dry roasted peanuts, hydrogenated oil, sugar and pinch of salt. You will read in this nutritional infographic how both butters are produced in three steps.


Source: https://www.betterbodyfoods.com/pbfit-versus-peanut-butter/

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