As a reported hub for real estate industry, with the extensive range of property seekers, India is a lucrative target for many scammers to attack by their offensive tricks. The following infographics describe some warning signs of real estate scams. Besides, the infographic outlines numerous of useful tips to protect yourself.

Among the provided warning signs of real estate scams are receiving emails from unknown asking your property details as well as showcasing of property with abnormal rates.

The infographic explains several of the most common real estate scams. One is the known as „Fake Rental Scam”. Another common scam is the „Title Fraud”. In that situation, scammers pose as homeowners and use fake documents to transfer the property in the own name.

Finally, learn how to prevent yourself from real estate scams. You should always ensure that the real estate is legitimate. What is more, examine the property documents before stepping further. More information in the infographic below.



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