DWI checkpoints have been a controversial topic in Texas for years. Currently, Texas is one of the few states in the U.S. that does not have sobriety checkpoints. They intend to keep it that way, but only by a small margin. The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates recently completed a statewide survey asking over 10k Texans about what their views are on sobriety checkpoints being introduced to Texas. To summarize the survey responses, they put together a nice infographic.

According to the presented data, female respondents voted positively compared to only almost 40% of the male respondents. The idea for sobriety checkpoints is welcomed by the men between 45-54 and 55-64. In contrast, women aged 25-34 and 35-44 find the idea satisfactory.

Furthermore, the infographic shows the approval of the DWI checkpoints among the respondents divided by their income and parental status. Not surprisingly, it is estimated that parents support more the DWI checkpoints than non-parents.


Source: http://tadnelsonlaw.com/

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