Electricity is a very key component in homes and businesses around the world. We need it for lighting and to run essential appliances like the refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, the television, you name it. Therefore, without it a lot of things would come to a standstill, thus resulting in losses, risks, and several other challenges. Fortunately, all that can be averted if people took notice of the following signs and alerted a qualified electrician immediately.

Flickering Lights

One of the most common signs of bad wiring and circuit connection is flickering of lights every time you plug in an electrical appliance. Considering electrical connections are always done depending on the expected power consumption, socket connections are not supposed to have any effect on the lighting which consume less energy.

Hot Light Switches

When you notice your light switches are heating up or shock you on contact, call an experienced local electrician to check the problem immediately. It could be a sign of deeper issues that pose huge risks to you and your property. The sooner it is fixed the better.


Source: https://www.johannesburg-electrician.com/blog/

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