11 Recreational Water Diseases You Should be Aware Of-infgoraphic-plaza-thumb

Swim at your own risk, because no one who swims is safe from these Recreational Water Diseases. Just when you thought that disinfecting the water will totally decrease the chance of Recreational Water Illnesses; what you do not know is disinfectants itself can also pose serious hazards. Here is some helpful information for you to heighten your awareness and to fully understand everything about these swimming pool-related diseases.

As contrary to the popular belief, chlorine does not kill germs instantly. There are some germs today that became very tolerant to chlorine. Because of this, chlorine needs a couple of minutes or days in order to kill these germs. Germs like Cryptosporidium or ‘Crypto”, are extremely chlorine-tolerant.

11 Recreational Water Diseases You Should be Aware Of-infgoraphic-plaza

Source: http://www.australianspasandpools.com.au/

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