Parenting today has unique demands never known by previous generations. We need to understanding the dangers our children are being exposed to online, and become experts in what is required to protect them.

This infographic lists findings from numerous recent studies about internet dangers. If you haven’t paid attention to online security, the frightening facts presented here will hopefully cause you to think again.

It’s impossible to watch over your child’s shoulder 24 hours a day. But here are some principles that will go a long way towards preventing a nightmare scenario:

1. Educate Yourself (start with our article on Web Filtering)
2. Establish a Moral Code and Set an Example Yourself
3. Watch for Changes in Your Child’s Behavior
4. Don’t Let Your Child Download Anything Without Permission
5. Don’t Let Your Child Give Out Personal Information
6. Don’t Let Your Child Talk to Strangers
7. Set Time Limits and Enforce Them These last 4 points can all be effectively accomplished with good parental control software.


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