What you may not know is pumpkin is a healthy, nutrient-dense food you can eat in a variety of ways. Packing a whopping 19 vitamins and minerals, including antioxidants, pumpkin provides filling fiber that can help keep you going all day.

The following infographic showcases healthy and delicious ways to enjoy pumpkin in an indulging way. One great way to enjoy pumpkin is by roasting it. You can roast pumpkin seeds with your favourite seasonal spices or roast pumpkin cubes mixed with sweet potatoes.

Next, blending is always a good option to consider. Make a healthy smoothie with almond milk and indulge yourself. Also, roast and puree pumpkin and serve with a side salad. Add pumpkin puree to bread, pancakes, and waffles. Another option is to throw roasted pumpkin seeds into your oatmeal, on salads, and on sauteed green leafy vegetables.



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