Creating an eco-friendly garden could be beneficial in many ways. As well as the beautiful look it also helps the environment. The following infographic illustrates everything you need to know.

It is important to know what to avoid using beforehand. Despite many gardeners rely on herbicides to kill weeds and fertilizers to amend poor soil these have a negative impact on the environment.

With respect to the beginning, set up a compost bin and harvest rainwater. Furthermore, water with care and go native. You should always plant native and indigenous plants if possible.

In order to attract our pollinator friends such as butterflies and bees, the infographic provides a useful list of tips. Next, companion planting is a wat of keeping compatible plants in proximity, to get more production per square foot. There are good combinations such as carrot and leek, runner beans and sweet peas. If you are still not convinced how beneficial is the eco-friendly garden read about the eco-friendly district: Victoria, London case study.



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