According to a survey, Americans typically shop more using their smartphones in the afternoon hours. So, we can say that Americans prefer online shopping between 3 pm and 5 pm. On the other hand, women are ahead of men when it comes to smart shopping with coupons. The following infographic shows how Americans shop online.

The infographic showcases a variety of charts describing the online shopping habits of Americans. For example, about 60% of American women tend to shop with coupons compared to 40% of men in America.

Furthermore, older generations prefer to shop earlier in the day than younger generations. As stated in the infographic, for the 55-64-year-olds the regular hour for shopping online is 11 am while Americans get 18-44 prefer 4 pm. When it comes to the days of the week, the weekend is the most popular time to do online shopping.

For more information related to shopping online among Americans read on the infographic below.



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