Logos as a part of a branding strategy became essential in the 1880s. Logos from this era are black, have either hand-rendered typography or one of the few typefaces available at the time. If an image is included, it is life-like and typically an animal. Such examples are Peugeot logo from 1850 and Coca-cola logo from 1886.

In the 1900s trademarking brands became popular. Logos tend to be detailed but still mostly in black and white. You can see this in the Ford, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Shell logos from this decade. Evolution of logos continued and in 1950s streamline design made its debut.

Logos of the 80s had a distinct computer generated feel to them. Home computers were making a big impact to logo evolution since then. In the new millenium most logos tend to be simpler in design.


Source: http://thelogocompany.net/blog/logo-design/logo-design-evolution/

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