The following infographic promotes the services of house clearance in London by Manor Clearance. Probate services like a probate valuation or clearance are always sensitive tasks that should be entrusted to a very competent service provider; Manor Clearance is the premier probate services provider in London, and the surrounding areas. With experience that spans over 30 years, we have highly qualified and seasoned valuers and clearance teams. We clearly understand that probate valuations and other related tasks are often emotional; we thus take the lead in helping you get an accurate valuation and to clear any items that need to be cleared from the property, and so on forth. In instances where you are too busy, or emotionally exhausted to auction off items that can be auctioned, we do it on your behalf. We just collect the items, and take them to the auctioneer on your behalf.

We offer our services in the heart of London and surrounding areas like Wimbledon, Chelsea, Kent, Surrey Kensington, Belmont, Teddington, Barnes, Balham, Belmont, Worcester Park Islington, to mention but a few. Our services are affordable, and we ensure that we spend the least time possible while doing a probate valuation or clearance. Contact us today for a free quotation; our customer care team is always on standby to guide you forward.


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