With the Christmas coming, we all are making plans what Christmas gifts to buy for our friends, relatives or colleagues. Gadgets are the most wanted Christmas presents. What is more, they are the universal gift for men, women or kids. However, those who tend to travel around the world a lot have specific needs. So, the following infographic, created by Columbus Direct Australia,  illustrates the most innovative smart gadgets that make life easier for travellers. The infographic shows 5 gadget gifts for Aussie travel this Christmas.

First, plan V smartphone charger and charge your phone with an 8-volt battery. It is made of durable materials and provides up to 4 hours talk time on average. Next, transfer your travel diary from paper to digital. The right choice for every traveler, in that case, is Neo Smartpen. Furthermore, to boost your sound while travelling get a Uamp Headphone Amplifier. This gadget is perfect for all music addicted travellers.

Another crucial part of your travel is keeping in touch with the rest of the world. On the other hand, roaming fees are extremely expensive. So, ditch roaming fees when you use your phone overseas with the Strone: Home Roaming Solution.

Finally, if you lose of your baggage or camera, you can count on idtagit Smart tags. They are secure and efficient and works anywhere in the world.


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