Cars are a brilliant way of getting from A to B. Some drivers see their journeys as an opportunity to do a whole host of other things for their work, pleasure or personal life too. While these might be innovative uses of time, most also provide distractions that could easily have serious consequences. That is why this infographic shows the 21 of the weirdest things people do when driving.

Among them are changing clothes, eating, shaving, hair-drying, changing nappies, brushing teeth, cleaning the windshield, playing an instrument, playing computer games and many more. Changing clothes while driving is more common than some might imagine. Moreover, it is not common to see someone applying lipstick while driving. Back in the past, a British lorry driver was penalised for brushing his teeth while holding a water bottle in the other hand on the motorway. Check out the full infographic below to see the full list of bizarre things drivers do.


Source: http://www.ppcgb.com/

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