Day in and day out, people all over the world have experienced the changes brought by social media. From its early purpose to bring people together from different places and getting to know new individuals, social media has come a long way. One of the industries that felt its effect is human resource and recruitment.

In 2016, 84% of companies were recruiting via social media. Companies use their social media accounts to connect with the people who’ll potentially be a good addition to their company. It’s a good tactic because as an employer, you already know that these people are heading in the right direction with the brand interest and awareness of your company. Moreover, job ads in social media are more carefree and witty. Companies have the creative freedom to be as catchy as they want.

Likewise in 2016, 68.3% of internet users are also on social media, according to Statista. If you really want to mass blast a job ad, social media is the way as it already established itself as a great promotional tool with the amount of people using it.

In this infographic made by ThisWay Global, get to know the other recruitment statistics that will shape the industry this 2017 all over the world.



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