Hundreds of devices are hacked each day. Spy apps are placed on phones through devious means and they can steal information, monitor texts and even run your battery life if they stick around on your phone. The infographic shows signs that could indicate that your phone has a hidden spy app.

First, monitor battery drain. Has your battery been acting strange all of a sudden? Second, examine your phone for random data usage. If your data has been draining really quickly, then it could be because a spy app is sending and receiving data on your phone.

Phones will usually get slower over time, but if your phone suddenly becomes sluggish then it could be a spy app. If you have noticed that you’ve got new random apps on your phone, then it could be a because of a spy app. What is more, people often receive spam texts and messages, but if your’re getting them on a very regular basis then you should be concerned.

Concerning websites acting strange, websites sometimes go through changes, but if the website you usually visit suddenly has lots of adds and popups, then it could be a spy app infecting your phone.



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