Innovation is a word that you will read more and more about over the next few years in relation to business – and increasingly so when reading about small business. This infographic is dedicated to innovation in business in 2017. Read more about the chances of new product failure, the 10 most innovative economies and the value of the value of product innovation.

The infographic explains the importance of goals for innovators including superior product performance and superior product quality. Companies that never thought of innovation as a growth tool are now joining the race to be even more innovative, seeing it as a competitive advantage in the marketplace in 2017 and beyond. Among the listed 10 most innovative economies are Japan, United States, Finland, South Korea and Germany.

Of course, the chances of new product failure are also mentioned and highlighted. Innovation is believed to be the key to successful business and that is why innovation in business is so important. There are a lot of reasons why innovation in business is crucial and many benefits of that. So, if you are running a business do not hesitate to use innovation to grow your business as well as creativity.



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