According to a recent survey from Credello of 600 Americans (ages 18 to 44),  “money and finances” tops the list of what is important in relationships, especially in a new romance.

Survey respondents were asked to share their thoughts on the connections between love and money, especially when it comes to a person being in debt, and the results are very telling of how important that connection is. Here are some of the findings:

41% respondents are willing to take on credit card debt up to $2,500 in order to impress a new love interest49% say they would be more comfortable dating someone if they knew their financial status early in the relationship1 in 4 agree online dating profiles should include a person’s debt status.61% plan on paying for romantic getaways and surprises this year by saving for it while 28% plan to finance them with credit card debt35% have hidden debt and/or a large purchase from a romantic partner.



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