Casinos are known as one of the most technological and secure environments ever. The need to be technologically forward is to avoid the increased advancements in security, hacking and fraud. The market leaders PokerStars have looked at some of the ways in which casinos are using technology to their advantage. The following infographic shows how casinos are upping the stakes in the tech arms race.

From accepting the new digital crypto-currency, Bitcoin, to using RFID chips and automated rooms, casinos are indulgying technologies every day. What is more, smart facial recognition is also used as a security measure against con men and thieves. To improve the customer experience, player tracking records all available data for all of the casino’s guests.

Another cutting edge technology in favour of casinos is geo-fencing and beaconing. Aside from attracting business, casinos gain insight into travel patterns and feed this into their business intelligence. Finally, the digital detective – NORA, uncovers and flags relationships between suspicious characters in the casino.



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