Standlee Premium Western Forage™ has done a massive amount of research to ensure that your horses get the nutrition they need to be their best. Our work with equine nutritionists Dr. Stephen Duren and Dr. Tania Cubitt has lead to outstanding insights into how to prevent ulcers, how a horse’s digestive system operates and what type of forage is best for your particular horse.

This infographic is created with the intention of informing readers what forage is and why your horse needs it. As stated in the infographic below, forage is the highest quality hay. The nutritional benefits of premium western forage far exceed that of your typical hay.

When local hay and Premium Western Forage are compared, it turns out that West is Best for growing premium forage. As far as crop rotation, crop rotation is key to keeping field soil rich in nutrients. Additionally, Standlee Premium Western Forage is available in Bales, Cubes, Pellets and Treat-sized formats.



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