The holidays do not need to be perfect to be enjoyable. If your Thanksgiving table set up doesn’t include handmade paper turkey place cards like you saw in the magazine, relax. From year-end reports due at work to ridiculously long lines at the grocery store, it can feel like the „happiest time of the year” is anything but.

So, how does a person balance family gatherings, careers, shopping, and celebrations? Read the list of the eight best ways to combat stress during the holidays and truly make it a happy experience.

First, be realistic and try to enjoy the day and focus on the people around you – not the details. Next, stick to a budget do not try to buy happiness with a mountain of gifts. It is also very important to stay healthy and do not sweat it. Furthermore, set aside specific days for shopping, baking, visiting family or friends and other activities. Finally, take a moment to realize how lucky you are and help those in need that may have less than you.



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