What do you know about the Masters? With the Masters starting next week, we’re hoping to get on board with all the must know facts about this legendary golf tournament. So sit back, relax, and learn about the tournament that has every golfer’s head spinning! This infographic covers 18 facts you’ve got to know about the Masters tournament at Augusta National.

The cited facts are divided into several categories such as the course, the tournament, the players and the history. For example, the hardest holes have been the 16th and 5th a par-3 and par-4 averaging 3.12 and 4.12. As for the tournament, the logo never changes, so a shirt from 2007 is going to look like a shirt, from 2011, and still, patrons stand in line for hours and leave with arm-fulls of merchandise.

Surprisingly, no amateur has ever won the Masters. An interesting fact is that the big oak tree on the golf course side of the Clubhouse is about 145-150 years old.

What do you know about the Masters?

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