A lot of people travel on a daily basis for business and going to visit their families. Traveling can turn into a major hassle and cause stress through planning out your arrangements. Either driving or taking a flight somewhere, thinking about what to bring is crucial, so it is important to be well prepared. For people who suffer from sleep apnea should bring their CPAP machine if they use it for their therapy.

Obviously for those who are used to their Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines, they’re more than aware of keeping their device on the top of their list. But there are several people who do not bring CPAP machines during their travels – it becomes difficult for them to sleep when resting in another location.

According to the statistics, more than 12 million people have a sleep apnea in the USA. What is more, about 90% of the strokes are caused by undiagnosed sleep apnea. This infographic has provided some valuable tips for holiday traveling with your CPAP machine.


Source: https://ionmysleep.com/holiday-traveling-with-your-cpap/

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