Home improvement trends in 2017 are expected to be much different to 2016. While home offices were popular in 2016, 2017 is likely to be the year of the home theatre. There will also likely be a move away from minimalist interiors with handcrafted ethnic designs, to create a more inviting interior, growing in popularity.

For more details, please read this infographic outlining the home improvement trends expected to dominate 2017. The 2017 kitchen heavily features tuxedo cabinets, wood paneling, and mixed hardware finishes.

What is more, 2017 is related to the comeback of cork. The popularity of sustainable materials is growing and the cork is now seen as a fantastic renewable source.

With the rise of people living in urban areas and the trend towards sustainable homes, the green roof has experienced a renaissance. A home can sometimes be too modern and ethic wall hangings can chance what some may perceive as a sterile minimalist interior to a more inviting interior.


Source: http://www.halfprice.com.au/products/shutters/

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