The ink used in writing can influence the writer or creator, as much as the pen which is in use. It is important to know which type of ink is the best for whatever activity you may be doing. Inks open a completely new dimension of creativity. Not only do inks come in practically an unlimited range of colors. They also come in an abundance of different shimmers and looks. This allows for you to particularly add personality and flare to whatever you write because of the personality of the ink.

Inks have different properties and are individually great for different activities you may be doing. If your simply using a pen to sign documents it is better to go with an ink with fast drying ink. There are even specific inks that are transparent and you can use to highlight text!

This infographic will help you to decide which ink particularly fits your style. Included is which inks in specific categories based off of their individual and distinct characteristics. Some inks you will find are waterproof, permanent, and some are lubricated for smoother writing.



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