To find a good plumber, you must understand one or two things about the profession. For starters, did you know there are different classes of plumbers? Namely, the apprentice plumber, the journeyman plumber, and the master plumber. The apprentice is usually a novice under training with a union or non union contractor organization. The training involves both theoretical instructions and paid hands-on work. At this stage, the apprentice plumber works alongside more experienced drain specialists.

After successful completion of the apprenticeship training and getting issued a state journeyman license, one officially becomes a journeyman plumber. He can then be entrusted with different plumbing jobs without supervision. However, majority are yet to run their own businesses. The master plumber is the most qualified and highly experienced. His qualifications are acquired through years of work as a journeyman plumber. He must have an associate’s degree from a vocational school, and should have excelled in both written and hands-on exams. Furthermore, they are required to complete several hours of continuing education annually. Good thing is, master plumbers can run their own businesses.


Source: http://www.durbanplumbers.com/blog/

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