Australia is a vast country with some utterly incredible scenery, making it ideal for a driving holiday. Some of its roads are heaven-sent for organised road trips and many people who have sampled these 8 great drives (listed in no particular order) will tell you that it is the experience of a lifetime.

The infographic includes the Great Ocean Road, Red Centre Way, South-Eastern Coastal Drive, Gibb River Road, Nullarbor, Queensland Outback, Tasmanian Trek and Fraser Island.

For example, the Great Ocean Road drives along the Victoria coastline and is commonly cited as a bucket list must by driving holiday enthusiasts all over the world. The Red Centre Way covers picturesque red earth country and vast blue skies. If you own a 4×4, Gibb River Road in Western Australia comes highly recommended, especially in the winter months when the sky is brilliantly blue.


Source: http://titanaust.com.au/

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