We are all expecting one of the most epic battles in 2016 – McGregor vs. dos Anjos fight. So, we are in the calm before the storm phase. With press conferences done, we are waiting for a spectacular MMA night in the cage. Both Conor McGregor and Rafael dos Anjos are working hard to win on 5th March in Las Vegas in their lightweight title fight at UFC196. Until then, check out the following infographic that shows interesting facts and fights statistics about both fighters.

The infographic provides information about the last fight, UFC betting odds, career earnings and their social media presence. Despite being older than McGregor, dos Anjos is as height as the Irish. On the other hand, the estimated career earnings of McGregor are higher than what the Brazilian fighter earned.

When it comes to their fan base in the social media, dos Anjos is followed by almost ten times fewer fans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram than McGregor. Read on the full McGregor vs. dos Anjos MMA fight infographic below.


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