Bitcoin has never been more popular, thanks to its privacy and peer-to-peer nature. Bitcoin has found a niche in both the investment world and gaming sectors such as online poker and sports betting. Unfortunately, Bitcoin theft is running rampant because many new users don’t know how to protect their wallets. This is everything Bitcoin holders need to know to keep their hard-earned cryptocurrency out of criminal hands.

With the proliferation of Bitcoin values and adoption by new users, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency has becoming one of the biggest targets of cybercriminals. With no government oversight, Bitcoin holders are entirely responsible for keeping their digital currency safe. Once Bitcoin is lost, it’s almost always gone for good. These are the most common threats and most effective safeguards for keeping your bitcoin in your wallet where it belongs.

The following infographic informs how to stop your bitcoin from getting stolen. Although the threats to your Bitcoin can seem overwhelming, there are number of simple yet effective steps you can take to eliminate them called ‚Äěprevention techniques”.

If you are looking for a new cryptocurrency project to invest in, choose wisely, investigate their curren development, and don’t be swayed by ‚Äědevelopers” that promise the price of the coin will increase x times. Genuine ICO’s rarely, if ever, discuss a token’s price.


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