Taking Inspiration from the powers and strengths of the all time superheroes Batman, Iron man, Superman, Captain America, Spiderman and an emerging Indian superhero Krrish; we tell you about the most powerful attributes of website. It is really an interesting read, which emphasizes that website designing is an art and you really need to put in your time and efforts to bring out a powerful website.

Your design should be thematic and responsive. Particularly, your website should reflect of who you are and what you do. As for responsiveness, your website should feature a multidevice functionality and be mobile friendly. As far as web content is concerned, you should invest in your content and provide your visitors a top notch quality articles, photos and video. Like the Indian superhero Krrish immunity to virus attacks, your website should be protected from any malware or worms.

In the spirit of fast responding Batman, keep in mind your website should be responsive to social signals and search trends.


Source: http://www.way2webscape.com/blog/superheroes-of-website-designing/

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