The creators of this infographic recycle all forms of non-ferrous metals including:




Stainless Steel


Car batteries

Catalytic converters

Nickel based metal

Precious metals

They can also recycle ferrous metals (Iron or Steel), however they do not pay for these. Ferrous scrap can be found in washing machines, tumble driers, cookers, boilers and many other domestic appliances. The reason they offer this service is to ensure the metals are recycled in the correct way, and to prevent fly tipping in the local area.

They deliver a hassle free recycling service to businesses in the Bedfordshire area, by collecting and sorting all forms of waste scrap metals for them. The creators of the following infographic ensure all necessary legislative paperwork is completed professionally, which gives their business customers complete piece of mind.

If you are unsure of whether your metal is ferrous or non ferrous, a simple magnet test will let you know. Ferrous metals are magnetic, whilst non-ferrous metals are not. Please note, some Nickel based alloys will be magnetic!



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