Printers/MFD’s Award-winning RISO is home to the world’s fastest full-colour inkjet device

The creators of this infographic have unrivalled expertise in the manufacture, installation and after-care of printing solutions bespoke to your business requirements. The RISO ComColor Series hosts a range of printers/mfd’s, which deliver speed and reliability coupled with an incredibly low cost per page for full-colour, as well as black and white printing. Independent evaluations have proven the RISO ComColor Series to be virtually unmatched by any other device in its class for low running costs.

However, with all these given benefits, it can be difficult to know which of the Riso Printers is best suited for your needs, so here The creators of this infographic have put together an infographic summarising the key features of our most popular printers, varying in colour or mono printing, paper sizes, paper weights and more!



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