The Pokemon GO application madness turned the game into the most popular iOS game in the last 10 years. Smartphone users all around the world are going crazy hunting for Pokemon even endangering their life in many ways. However, beginners might find it difficult to understand the game for the first time. Therefore, the following infographic illustrates the Pokemon Pokedex organized by type.

Among the listed Pokemon are the Grass, Bug, Normal, Water, and Poison Pokemon. This Pokemon Pokedex list comprises all Pokemon in the game organized by type and evolution.
Our advice is to enjoy Pokemon GO safely and do not fall into the augmented reality too much. Read the full Pokemon Pokedex list infographic below and understand the evolution process before discovering the areas of Pokemon.


Source: http://integrateditsolutions.com/blog/pokemon-go-pokedex-list-sorted-by-type-infographic/

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