If you talk to any cleaning expert, they will tell you that the one place where dirt hides and goes unnoticed in a home is under or inside the carpet. If it is not dust, it is food droplets, liquid stains, or even a chewing gum. Most of these foreign objects end up attracting pests into the house. Rather than wait to deal with dozens of issues, it is better if you look into the following tidying tips from the specialists.


First and foremost, when you have any kind of stain on the rug, do not rub it. This only makes it spread or to ground deeper into the matting fibers. The trick is to blot the stains using a cleaning solution, clean cloth, sponge, paper or towel. You will apply the solution on either of the four items and press it on the stain to soak it up.
Start from outside the stain as you move inwards.

The solutions

The next step is where we look at some of the most effective blotting solutions in the market. Club soda is number one on the list. This detergent is known for its efficiency in clearing beer and wine stains. You just have to use it accordingly and follow the blotting process. Nevertheless, you could also mix equal amounts of water and vinegar and pour it in a handheld spray. It is then sprayed on the affected area and left for 10 to 15 minutes to soak in after which a clean cloth is used to soak up both the solution and stain. In case you didn’t know, the shaving cream is a good cleaning solution for general stains. The procedure starts with the application of the cream on the stain and leaving it for 30 minutes. After that, you will blot with a tidy and dry white cloth. You can then finish up by using the vinegar and water solution and wiping the area clean.



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