The colors featured on cars has been evolving over the years from the days when an automobile was a rare sight to be seen to the modern day when cars, trucks and other modes of transportation fill the streets.

As vehicles have evolved, so has the ability to customize options to make them unique. This can include anything from the color of paint to vinyl wraps and various finishes, as design technology has evolved.

This infographic, created by Auto SuperShield, details the popularity of greys, reds and white paints of the late ‘50s to the current popularity of both metallic and matte whites, greys and black that we commonly see. It highlights the cyclical nature of what colors become more popular based off the decades and shows the various improvements in technology that allow for the more complex and diverse finishes that are becoming ever more apparent on vehicles. While it shows the past and present trends, this also predicts the popular colors to come in the second decade of the 21st Century.

Some of these predictions indicate a focus on more hyper-high definition colors, featuring brighter and more vibrant hues, as well as a shift towards a more mellow, organic palette that is heavily influenced by nature.



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