One definition of product design is the connection between materials and technology. Actually, it transforms ideas into real products and also combines design plus science into products and concepts that improve everyday life. In fact, product design is a broad concept nowadays encompassing the development of ideas. The product design professionals deal with science, art and technology to create products.

When it comes to the importance of product design it should be underlined that its roles are to create a marketable product from an innovation. It is a well-known fact that one of the crucial factors for the success of a product is its design.

This infographic explains product design step by step.

First, comes the research including target group analysis, emotions and values. In terms of concept, taken in mind are colours, shapes, functions, material and inspirations. Next, the drafting step includes sketches along with 2D and 3D drawings.

Next step is optimization. This means the prototype, cost check and modification. The infographic outlines series production as the last step in product design.

Sometimes product design is confused with the industrial design but it actually differs in some aspects.

Check out this simplistic infographic to understand the main points of product design.



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