Recent Price Setting Trends in the Pharmaceutical Industry-infographic-plaza-thumb

Discover the most recent trends that are affecting the pharmaceutical pricing levels in Europe as well as around the globe. Major political events such as the fast approaching BREXIT or the election of Donald Trump for President of the United States bring about uncertain times for pharmaceutical managers. Moreover, a large number of governments around the world are moving in on pharma companies to fight the steady inflation of medication prices and aim to bring more transparency to prescription drug prices. Discover which countries account for most pharmaceutical spending per capita and many more interesting facts in our infographic. The mobile application from Ex-Price you will be able to monitor and respond quickly to the ever-changing global pharmaceutical price levels. The app delivers daily updates on new drug lunches, approval statuses and price cuts. With the help of Ex-Price you will be able to make fast and informed decisions based on actual data of drug prices.

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Recent Price Setting Trends in the Pharmaceutical Industry-infographic-plaza


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