If you’ve ever owned your own small business or worked as a manager, you know that not every employee is perfect. In fact, some can be downright terrible! Hiring is obviously not an exact science, especially when you are running a small business that doesn’t have a Human Resources department to take care of the process.

Sometimes you miss something during the interview process. Sometimes the employee appears to be a good fit during the process but turns out to be a nightmare after getting the job. It can definitely be a pain having to deal with toxic employees that make it hard for your team to prosper with their negativity and lack of productivity. However, it’s a problem that all small business owners have probably faced or will eventually end up facing.

It’s a tense situation, but this infographic was created with a humorous angle to make light of the circumstances a bit in order to take a moment to celebrate one of the most popular holidays of the fall season – Halloween!

Read this ghastly story or terrifying employee types that can make work life a living nightmare for bosses and coworkers alike!



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