Though it seems like there is nothing new in the whole wide world that could be said about love, this magical phenomenon still inspires artists, scientists, philosophers and just about everybody to keep producing opinions about the subject matter. And we can’t deny that love is an inspirational subject. However, as much as we admit that love is one of the most important aspects of our life, somehow we get so caught up in small everyday things that we often forget to nurture love. More and more people wonder why they can’t obtain love in their life, and one obvious answer is that their busy lives are not allowing them to devote time to nurturing close relationships.

The infographic on Love in Quotes and Numbers is a fun reminder that love is a powerful emotion that should be celebrated. Instead of giving popular tips how to find and keep a partner, the graphic shows stats on different aspects of love and romance, such as dating, marriage, Valentine’s Day celebration habits and more. For example, readers will learn that men tend to fall in love much more quickly than women, that a large number of pet owners give gifts to their pets for Valentine’s Day, and that as many as 6 million people get engaged on this romantic day.



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