Top 10 Pranks to play on friends thumb

This funny infograpic showcases the top 10 pranks you can play on your friends. If you want to prank them just choose one of these pranks and follow the instructions. Every prank, listed in the infographic, is also rated for its cruelty, cost and preparation time. So you can choose one that best fits your needs.

Among the most cruel pranks are putting blue food coloring in the hand soap dispenser or filling up plastic cups with water and dot around their room floor, right up to the door. However, these are very time consuming as you can see from the three stars in the black rating box.
Another funny pranks are the hot toothpaste and the sudless soap. Moreover, they are not expensive. Needless to say, it is possible a friend of yours to play some of these pranks on you so be careful.

Top 10 Pranks to play on friends


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