Over the past 100 years, office interiors have progressed for sure. What is more, even in the last ten years we have witnessed dramatic improvements and radical changes in the way our offices are designed. However, instead of keeping workers isolated, these days offices are open with the idea to create better working environment. So, the following infographic shows the evolution of modern office design chronologically.

First, during the 1900’s sturdy wooden desks and chairs were used within the first UK offices. Later, in the 1930’s saw typewriters in the offices which meant more room around desks were required.

Furthermore, by the time the 1950’s came multicultural offices were taking shape with workers of different descent. In the 1970’s offices were more like ones you may see today, with individuals having their storage files. Finally, advancements in technologies and office regulations had led to a big change in the way offices are designed.



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