Due to the today’s health care environment, these days health care providers are being challenged to „do more with less”. It includes effectively engaging patient and not only reaching more of them. As you know, the traditional communication channels are emails, telephone calls and voice mails. However, all of these are becoming less effective than ever. But what is the solution?

According to the infographic, text messaging represents a powerful alternative and not adequately capitalised in health care. When compared to traditional survey methods, patient surveys conducted through SMS resulted as follows: higher quality data than surveys conducted over phone calls and 38% more likely to be completed within 10 minutes on a mobile device than the traditional web.

Besides, there are many myths about texting and health care that are preventing widespread adoption of this channel. Read on the full infographic below to learn more about improving provider to patient communication.


Source: http://blog.carewireinc.com/opportunity-to-improve-provider-to-patient-communication-with-text-messaging-infographic

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