No matter what the topic or subject is, Reddit can be a great site to turn to if you’re looking for help, advice or useful resources. One Reddit user, maxstolfe was feeling low and demotivated and turned to Reddit as a way to express his feelings. He wrote a post which he considered to be something between a cry for help and a grant to the community. He talked about his lack of interest and motivation when it came to college grades, relationships, exercise, and diet.

The user ryans01 replied with some advice for maxstolfe which proved to be very popular within the community. The advice was based on ryans01’s own experiences and offered practical tips for overcoming a lack of productivity and self-worth. The advice was broken into 4 core rules: No More Zero Days, Be Grateful to the 3 Yous, Forgive Yourself and Exercise & Books. The infographic below is based on the advice given by ryans01 and displays his rules in a fashion that is easy to digest and understand. By following the advice shown in this infographic, you could soon find yourself working towards a more productive, fulfilling and happy life.


Source: http://www.mightyinfographics.com/4-rules-productivity-reddit-user-ryans01/

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