Technology has affected the niche of cooking in the past years. This infographic explains how technology changed the world of cooking.
According to the stats, more than the half of millennial moms said that they also watch videos while cooking. It is reported that 16% have redeemed a voucher or grocery saving offer using their smartphone. What is more, 14% of people have viewed a digital shopping list in the store.

The infographic describes the ways technology has changed cooking behaviors. For instance, you can plan out weekly dining or inform your healthy eating habits. Besides, apps allow you to favorite and store lists of previous purchases.

Traditional kitchen tools have also seen a revamp by technology. Scales, jugs, and steamers are all available in digital form for some time now and the energy used in most appliances has been cut significantly. A touchscreen cooktop and wi-fi enabled fridge are just minor part of the technology inspired and reinvented popular kitchen appliances.



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