Sometimes it can be difficult to be a contractor or a freelancer. This is not just because being self-employed comes with a lot of paperwork headaches. No, instead finding the right accountant to manage your books is one of its biggest challenges.

There are generally two options, choose a traditional contractor accountant that uses an old desktop computer wherein lies his or her accounting software or find an accountant that employs cloud accounting. Thus, what this infographic aims to do is tell you why it is more beneficial to find contractor accountants that will use cloud accounting to help you manage your freelance business.

According to the infographic, 66% of accounting practices are using or planning to use cloud accounting. Moreover, 25% more clients are insisting on cloud accounting software. As for the EU, less than the half of enterprises in the European Union that use cloud services make use of financial and accounting software applications.


Source: http://www.broomeaffinity.com/blog/why-contractors-need-cloud-accounting-infographic/

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