Over time, poor habits can lead to bad posture and other health problems. This infographic shows how you can identify bad habits and improve your posture forever. Self-discipline and exercise are the two main conditions to improve your health. Moreover, you should always practise a good posture. By this way, you will be able to achieve a proper and active postural condition free of postural problems. The bad posture is just the cause and origin of all health issues. Read the following infographic and learn more about the benefits of good posture.

What is more, you will find how to sit properly. Bad sitting habits can result in terrible posture, as well as back, neck and shoulder ache. Besides, the infographic shows 5 easy exercises to improve your posture such as side leg raises, planking, back extensions and bridging. Developing good sitting, standing and walking habits, you can perform exercises to help you correct bad posture.



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